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Generac Engine
Generac Engine

Generac Knows Engines.

Engine manufacturing is nothing new to Generac. As a matter of fact, we’ve been developing industrial grade engine systems for over 40 years. This expertise has once again been used to bring proven and reliable engine technology to the marketplace with the introduction of our latest engine powerhouse, the Generac Industrial 8.0L V8 engine.

Suggested Applications:

Industrial off-road Agriculture / Irrigation Gas compression Oil fields Power generation

  • Specifically designed for LP and natural gas.
  • Cylinder head and valve train are engineered specifically for use with
    gaseous fuels and are optimized for long life, maximum endurance and
    minimized down time.
  • Short block is designed for heavy duty industrial applications and
    manufactured with 100% new components.
  • Compatible with readily available aftermarket gas compression
    engine components.

8.0L V8 Long Block Assembly

The Generac Industrial V8 engine comes standard as a long block assembly, with the following components included:

  • Cylinder head and valve train
  • High torque forged crank shaft
  • Forged connecting rod
  • Forged aluminum pistons
  • Molybdenum metric piston rings
  • Large eight quart oil pan
  • Harmonic balancer
  • Die-cast valve and timing covers
  • Flywheel

Cylinder Head & Valve Train Assembly

Due to the lack of lubrication in LP and natural gas fuels, valve
train components are the most vulnerable to the effects of
excessive heat because of the metal-to-metal contact. The result
can be premature engine failure. Over time, lack of lubrication
affects both valve train geometry and valve lash. To deal with
these demanding operating environments, the engineers at
Generac have implemented over 40 years of dry fuel experience
to develop a greatly improved industrial valve train that utilizes
heat dissipating and low-wear materials specifically suited for LP
and natural gas powered engines.

Engine Specifications

Type 90ยบ V8
Number of Cylinders 8
Displacement 8.0 L. 482 in3
Compression Ratio 9.5:1
Bore 4.25 in 108 mm
Stroke 4.25 in 108 mm
Intake Air Nat Asp
Valves per cylinder 2
Valve Configuration OHV
Valve Lifters Hyd Roller
Exhaust Seat Material Stellite
Main Bearing Cap 4 bolt
Block Material Cast Iron
Cylinder Head Material Cast Iron
Crankshaft Forged
Pistons Aluminum
Valve Material Stainless Steel
RPM Range 1800-2500
Engine Sensors Optional
Connecting Rods Forged
Intake Manifold Optional
Exhaust Manifold Optional
Gaskets Non Asbestos
Oil Pan Capacity 8 quarts
Fuel Type NG – LPG
Engine Rotation CCW -flywheel
Exhaust Outlet Size 3 inch Flange
Ignition System Optional
Fuel System Optional
EPA Certification Required (Not Included)
Governor Optional
Cooling System Optional
Shipping Weight 730 lbs.

8.0L Industrial Engine Performance

Power Since 1959

Since the original portable that started it all in 1959, Generac has continued to
engineer advances in power generation for more than fifty years. Generac’s product
range now includes power solutions from RV, portable, and automatic home standby
generators to backup systems for commercial and industrial applications, all backed
by an extensive nationwide service network of certified dealers. Because of our
ongoing commitment to quality and innovation, Generac is the name home owners,
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