CNC. What it means. Why it’s your friend.

We utilize the latest manufacturing technology in all of our engine and component part machining operations. The abbreviation CNC stands for computer numerical control, and refers specifically to a computer controller that reads instructions and automatically operates machining equipment. This selective removal of metal is checked and rechecked throughout the machining operation for accuracy.

Gehring CNC Cylinder Hone – The Gehring hone has the ability to hone two cylinders at the same time while holding bore diameter and roundness within 5 microns. The air gages integrated through the tool head constantly check for size while producing an accurate cross-hatch throughout the cylinder bore. The Gehring hone is capable of meeting the smooth peak hone surface specification consistent with OEM manufacturing plants. What does this mean to you? Reduced engine wear, exhaust emissions and oil consumption!

Junker® Jucrank 5000 CNC Crankshaft Grinder – The Junker® grinder is a fully automated machine that can grind an entire crankshaft in one chucking. The Junker® can also down- load inspection data from the Adcole laser measurement machine and produce a crankshaft with roundness and diameters within 3 microns. Each crankshaft machined on the Junker® is also checked for straightness, runout, stroke, and parallelism. This machine thrives on discriminating tolerances while maintaining consistency and reliability.

Did you know the human hair is approximately 100 microns in diameter?
ASG measures down to single digits – 1/10 th the diameter of a human hair!


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